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NICE Systems has been helping contact centers to achieve success since 1988. Today, more than 1.1 million agents at over 3,100 sites in more than 65 countries realize results from NICE solutions every day.

The company's flagship product, the NICE Workforce Management, a NICE Smart Center solution, with its focus on agent performance and business process enhancement, provides a solid foundation for success in your contact center. By integrating NICE WFM with powerful performance management, strategic planning, quality monitoring and interaction analytics technology, you'll bring an unsurpassed level of efficiency and effectiveness to your center. NICE open solution approach enables you to select its entire portfolio or choose any combination of products offered by NICE and easily integrate them with your existing systems. Whether you handle inbound, outbound or a combination of contacts, run your own operation or use outsourced resources, NICE has a solution that's right for you. With the freedom to choose the solution that works best for your center, NICE help's you protect and maximize your technology investment. Best-in-class technologies from NICE will help you enhance the customer experience, maximize operational efficiency, empower employees and drive customer intelligence throughout the enterprise.


NICE Workforce Management (WFM) software provides a centralized platform for optimizing the performance of your contact center. It helps your center forecast and plan more accurately and schedule more effectively. It supplies real-time information to let you better manage the performance of your people and your operation. It integrates data seamlessly across your enterprise and automates many time-consuming and labor-intensive processes.

NICE WFM helps you forecast accurately, schedule efficiently and plan effectively. It provides real-time information to let you better manage the performance of your people and operation. It integrates data across your enterprise and automates time consuming and labor intensive processes. NICE WFM gives you visibility into every area of your operation visibility you need to improve the way your center performs. Whether the operation has one site or 100, 50 agents or 50,000, handles single skills or multiple skill sets, only voice calls or a mixture of contact channels, NICE WFM can help.

In fact, many of our customers switched to NICE WFM after working with other workforce management systems that no longer served their needs. With the flexibility to adapt to the way your operation runs, and the scalability to easily evolve with your business, you can be assured your organization won’t outgrow NICE WFM.

NICE WFM Amplify your investment and offers various solutions that lead respective categories and amplify your investment with:

 Performance Manager Module -report on every WFM and Quality Management KPI. Target coaching at the right people and topics and measure the impact on your organization​

 Time Off Manager - Simplifies vacation planning and makes it easy to ​calculated vacation accrual and configure bids

 Webstation - a single portal for all WFM and performance data, with webstation it's easy for employees to see alerts and notifications of shift changes as well as have total schedule visibility

 Availability Points - Give employees the freedom to build their own schedule while meeting service requirements

 Interaction Analytics - generate insight from speech, text and transaction analytics to further inform your forecasting and scheduling approach

 Back Office WFM - expand your scheduling footprint across contact center, back office and branch offices

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