Traditional Business Intelligence (BI) solutions don't always deliver what you're ultimately seeking: value out of your corporate or contact center data. At Symmetrics, we're dedicated to changing this for you. Three principles guide us in doing this: domain or industry knowledge and relevance, broad BI reach encompassing all relevant data sources; and simplicity and ease-of-use.

The mountains of data in your contact center can be transformed into valuable information, enabling better insight, improved decision-making and increased performance.


Information Powers the Contact Center

Reduced average hold times. Increased average speed to answer. Quicker call resolution time. Improved average talk time. Whether it is one of these metrics or any of a thousand other indicators, every contact center benefits from an understanding of its information More timely and accurate information means better decisions that will optimize your contact centers’ performance and ultimately lead to increased customer satisfaction. And customer satisfaction means an improved bottom line for your organization.

Symmetrics' nVISION Contact Center Performance Management solution suite delivers all the key elements required for a contact center to effectively manage and leverage its critical information and metrics, optimizing performance.

The solution’s modular design means you can apply the appropriate component independently in order to meet specific issues within your contact center. When leveraged and deployed and as a whole, the suite’s value is maximized by delivering a complete, fully integrated solution that will capitalize on contact center data and maximize the return on your investment.

The nVISION solution suite consists of the following core components:
  • nVISION Data Mart consolidates data in a central repository from multiple dates sources and/or sites, in order to view performance of all contact center operations across the enterprise 

  • nVISION Reports, scorecards and dashboards transforms the data collected into meaningful, structured information for better decision making

  • nVISION Info Manager allows you to access, manage and interact with all relevant information via the web in order to optimize performance
  • nVISION Services enable you to customize the solution to meet specific needs and to obtain required knowledge to leverage it 


nVISION On Demand is a revolutionary new online Software-as-a-Service application for Contact Center Reporting and Analytics. There is no hardware, no software, no IT headaches, no big fees, and no complexity. Symmetrics nVISION On Demand is for any contact center stakeholder who needs affordable and simple-to-use reporting and analytics.

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