NICE WFM Onsite/Remote Support

At Futuresoft we recognize the need of having extended support for your Workforce Management System (NICE‐WFM) keeping in mind NICE gives support to its customers as per the contract they have with NICE but we at Futuresoft offers extended technical support tailored to your needs which is onsite support in the customer premises depending upon the kind of support customer is willing to take (Basic, Extended and 24/7).

We have a team of trained professionals who are very much capable of driving the tool as per your needs and its capability and NICE certified professionals who can handle escalations and provide resolutions at a faster pace. These professionals get certified at NICE headquarters in Dallas Texas and Singapore. 

Ease of use - Our onsite support personnel provides you the best knowledge of the tool and help you with any kind of usage related queries e.g. Forecasting, Scheduling, Planning, Reporting etc. in NICE WFM. 

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